12 Necessary Characters of a Quality Packaging Box

By | March 25, 2022

A product is known by its packing first. You can recognize the pre-rolls form of distance because of pre-roll packaging. Most products roll out from a factory and head to a retail store. And their first impression about the product customer will have is this packaging box or container. So, it is important to choose a quality material for your packaging box design.

What Are the Characteristics of a Quality Packing Box?

When choosing the right one, you should know the essential features that should be included in the package and its structure, making your brand name more attractive. You can follow these key aspects while choosing or designing your custom cardboard boxes:

1) Material- Thickness of Material             

The thickness decides the weight and sturdiness of the outer layer of the cardboard box. The standard thickness for a sturdy and durable end product is 200gsm to 400gsm. However, certain materials do not require such thickness as it might increase the cost of production.

Each type of material has its pros and cons. Some of them are recyclable. Some have more tensile strength, while others have a glossy finish like corrugated paperboard.

2) Printing

You can choose a matte or gloss finish with high-quality printed graphics and images on the packaging boxes for printing. The matte finish will attract less attention but deliver great visibility, while glossy prints deliver better results through color accuracy and vibrancy. You can also choose foil stamping overprint for metallic looks and feel on the surface of your custom-made cardboard boxes.

3) Lid Types

A strong lid with proper sealing is necessary to keep your product safe and secure. Another important factor is the lid of your custom-made cardboard boxes should be re-closable to make your packing process easy and simple. The best packaging option would be the type of lid that you can open and close easily, keeping your products free from damage or dust particles without affecting their quality.

4) Handles

Packaging material with good handles helps you in carrying heavy-weight boxes conveniently. If you opt for customized printed corrugated boxes in Bangalore, India, then use only those sturdy handles to hold heavy products inside them during transit time. A wooden or plastic handle with a strong grip can work as a perfect choice for any kind of packaging requirement.

5) Sustainability

Sustainability is a very important factor for all the products, and many companies offer custom printed boxes with environment-friendly materials to make sure you meet your packaging needs in an eco-friendly way. These kinds of boxes are made using the best quality materials and are checked for durability, sustainability, and strength before being used.

6) Price 

You should never compromise on quality when getting branded Packaging Boxes from any reputed company in Bangalore or elsewhere. Always choose a trusted brand that offers you high-quality material at fair rates so that you can save money without compromising on the quality of your product.

Moreover, the pricing of the packaging has a direct impact on the marketing efforts of a company. Therefore, you can save huge costs if you opt for a reputed packaging company, as they have frequent sales and offers available on their website. Also, you need not worry about hidden costs from these providers, as most of them work on a transparent pricing model.

7) Perfect Size 

Getting a perfect size box is very important because damaged cartons might cause damage during transit time which will eventually cause loss to your business. Avoid choosing small-sized packaging boxes which cannot accommodate large items or have low stacking strength.

8) Sturdiness

The sturdiness of the packaging boxes is another important factor because it can keep your products safe and damage-proof during transit time. So, always choose a brand that offers you high-quality material with tough corrugated sheets to ensure safety. Also, make sure that you use eco-friendly material for making our Packaging Boxes.

9) Reusability

It is also very important to consider the reusability factor of your Packaging Boxes. If you plan to send or receive frequent shipments, then buying a reusable packaging box will help you save money. Also, sometimes people love to reuse those boxes that provide extra space to add their customized stuff like boxes with logos, images, and much more. So, these boxes will help you in this regard.

10) Weight

The weight factor should always be kept in mind because it determines the shipping cost that customer has to bear. Try to choose lightweight boxes that can easily allow easy transport and sustain during transit time. So, try purchasing lightweight boxes of recycled material for low-weight yet durable packaging boxes.

11) Easy Assembling

Consider buying packaging boxes that can easily assemble and offer easy arrangements for your products. Usually, the self-adhesive packaging boxes are quite popular because they do not require any kind of adhesive or tape to assemble them. The process is simple, where all the panels just have to be folded into place and then inserted together. You can also go for a foldable packaging box that offers easy arrangements without taking much time.

12) Customization

One of the best qualities you can get from a quality packaging material is customization. Customization brings about the flexibility in arranging the products inside the box and offers ease of storing them after use. In addition, the boxes can be made to appear larger or smaller based on your needs and space availability.

Also, you may choose to customize a small size box for certain items while opting for a big-sized one for others. This brings about the convenience of carrying around many different packaging materials without any issues.

Final Words:

The qualities mentioned above are some of the most important features which make up a good quality packaging box that will help you carry your products or items with ease during transportation or storage. To buy such boxes, it is always better to deal with a well-established packaging company that specializes in providing rendering packing boxes. Your packaging supplier will be able to understand your needs upon customization.


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