6 Easy Ways to Get Better Skin

By | March 14, 2022

Staring at the model pictures on the magazine and feeling low after meeting your friend with gorgeous skin is not the solution to dull skin. Indeed model photographs undergo various filters ad retouching, but your friend who has glowing skin is not the result of photo-hop. Rather than getting jealous of her, it is time to focus on your skin. Here we have gathered the top 6 means to make glowing and healthy radiant skin.

Indeed acne, acne scars, skin tan, fine lines, crow feet are the natural thing that your skin experiences. Yes, you need to praise yourself and your beauty, but you can lift your look with little effort. Getting clear skin is no more a dream if you follow the perfect routine,

Different Skin challenges

Many people out there find it challenging to have healthy skin. The mean of having healthy, radiant and smooth skin varies depending on the individual skin type. In general, your skin needs a tailored skincare routine to give a boost to brilliant. The skin routine work as the food to your skin, and you need to pick the component as per the skin type and concerns.

Usually, people struggle with the following skin issues:

  • blemishes

The individual aims to achieve normal skin and get rid of various skin issues.

How to Get Better skin

So, stop feeling low with your healthy skin friend because we have the magic portion that she drinks daily. Here are the basic things that bring a noticeable change to your skin condition. So, are you ready to start receiving compliments? If yes, then here you go!

1.     Begin With Basic: Double Cleaning

Cleans your face twice, once in the morning and once in the night but in the nighttime, do not forget to do the double-cleansing. What is it? It is the two-step method.

Firstly remove the oils, dirt, and other makeup remnant on the skin via oil base or water bases cleansers. It will emulsify the dirt and remove the oily layers. Once you are done with it, move to the second step.

Secondly, wash your face with your mild daily use cleanser. By doing this, you have deeply cleansed your face. The pores are clear and have no dust or makeup remaining on the skin.

2.     Tone the skin

So once you cleanse your face, it’s time to move towards the second step, toning. Most of your skip this significant step that is toning. You need to follow this because it reduces the size of the pores. It can add additional hydration to the skin, deal with particular skin problems and more. If you follow a healthy skincare routine, you can skip this step but adding it only benefits your skin.

3.     Moisturise skin with the correct moisturizer

So after toning, this step is a must if you are not following any other action in getting clear skin. It would help if you used the moisturizer to lock the moisture. If you use a suitable cream for your skin, it aids decrease sebum production. That is what oily skin is looking for. It restores the hydration level best for dry skin. So you need to pick te moisturizer as per the skin types and concerns. If you want professional advice, it is best to visit your dermatologist.

4.     Skipping Sunscreen is a crime.

So, if you are following the skincare steps religiously and do not use the sunblock in the morning, you are committing a crime like yourself; your skin needs a defence to secure it from external factors. Think for a second you treat your wounds and then jump into the battlefield without any arms or protection. So, same as the cases with skin. Ultra voilentA and UVB rays can harm your skin. So wearing sunblock both indoor and outdoor is a must to secure the skin from dangerous rays. These rays can cause premature ageing, wrinkles, crow feet, tanning, dislocation, pigmentation, etc.

5.     Use Serums and topical medication

The step you have read till now is the basic; if you like to take your routine to an advanced level, and then start targeting the particular issues. So you can add the various serums, creams, toners after toning your face to boost your skin health. Following are some top serums that you cause after consulting the dermatologist:

  • Hyaluronic acids: to maintain hydration level
  • Vitamin C: to cancel the sun rays design effect and brighten the skin
  • Salicylic serum: do spot treatment of acne
  • AHA OR BHA: for exfoliation
  • retinoid: to increase skin turnover rate

6.     Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

So whatever skincare do you follow or what products you apply to your skin, you need to be healthy inside out. Your skin what you eat and drink. To keep your skin hydrated, drink a lot of water and eat antioxidants food like berries, oranges, etc.


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