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The son of Oscar winner Laura Linney, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2000 for her role in the drama You Can Depend on Me, Bennett Armistead Schauer has achieved popularity.

Linney has also appeared in Mystic River, Primal Fear, The Truman Show, and Love Actually.

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s age, parents, siblings, race, and education

Bennett Armistead Schauer was born in the United States on January 8, 2014. He is eight years old and possesses American citizenship as of 2022.

There is no information about his siblings since his parents have not provided any information about him. His mother is Laura Linney, and his father is Marc Schauer.

Due to a lack of information regarding Schauer’s educational background, he is presumed to be an elementary school student.

Professional Life and Careers of Bennett Armistead Schauer

Despite being too young to begin a career, Bennett Armistead Schauer appears preoccupied with academics rather than pursuing a career. However, his mother, the actress Laura Linney, is well-known.

Initially, Laura Linney appeared in various plays. In 1992, she had a tiny part in the film Lorenzo’s Oil. She appeared in several movies in 1993, including Class of ’61, Blind Spot, Dave, Hunting for Bobby Fischer, and Tales of the City. In the film “A Simple Turn of Fate,” Laura portrayed Nancy Lambert Newland.

During the same year, she also appeared on the television series Law & Order. She has since appeared in countless other films and television shows.

He has also appeared in several other movies and television shows, including ‘Sink Sank Sunk,’ ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,’ ‘The Dinner,’ ‘Nocturnal Animals, Sully, Inside Amy Schumer, ‘And Mr. Holmes,’ ‘The Fifth Estate,’ ‘Hyde Park on Hudson,’ ‘The Details,’ ‘Sympathy for Delicious,’ ‘The City of Your Final Destination,’


Three Academy Awards have been nominated for Linney. She also won two Golden Globes and the Primetime Emmy Award in 2013. In addition, she has been honored with the BSFC Award, the DFWFCA Award, the Icon Award, the FFCC Award, the Glitter Award, and the Gold Derby TV Award.

The net worth and salary of Bennett Armistead Schauer

Since Bennett Armistead Schauer has not yet begun his profession, it is impossible to estimate his net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his mother, Laura Linney, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately ten million dollars.

In addition to Ozark and The Truman Show, Linney appeared in Primal Fear, The Life of David Gale, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which grossed $145.2 million at the box office, and The Big C. Marc Schauer, his father, is a real estate agent in Telluride, Colorado. Real estate agents typically earn between $72275 and $93236 per year.

Height and Weight – Physical Characteristics

Despite her age, Bennett Armistead Schauer’s height and weight are ideal for her. However, her dimensions are unknown as she grows older.

Additionally, he has brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.

Bennett Armistead Schauer doesn’t have a social media presence like most famous children today.

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