Guide To Buy Best Safety Razor 

By | July 1, 2022

The safety razor is one of the essential accessories in your shaving kit. However, different types of safety razors are available in the market. But the question is, which factors should one keep in mind to buy the best safety razor? Or what one should keep in mind during the time of purchasing a safety razor. If you are overwhelmed with this type of question, then don’t worry! 

This guide clears your mind about the best safety razors. No doubt that choosing the right safety razor is a complex task, but proper consideration makes buying easy.  After reading this blog post you get aware about the best safety razor.

Easy Guide to Buy Best Safety Razor 

A guide to choosing the safety razor for different skin types is mentioned below.

1. For Beginners 

A mild razor with a scalloped safety bar is a good choice for those who shave for the first time. With it, you will get a good experience. Moreover, they are easy to use. It lets more hair into the best safety razor blade as compared to a straight safety bar. For this reason, I choose it for a good shave.

2. For Hairs Having Less Volume

A mild razor with a scalloped bar is best to choose for removing this hair type. They will do their job with perfection in case of thin hair.

3. For Thick hair

A wide gap or adjustable razor is best for thick hairs. Choosing a closed comb rather than a scalloped safety bar is better.

4. For sensitive skin 

Many of you have sensitive skin. A mild razor with a scalloped bar is a reasonable consideration for this type of skin. It will provides you a extremely good shave without any danger of injury 

5. Heavy handed 

Razor with less exposed blade and scalloped safety bar is more forgiving. They can allow you to complete your shave with a little more speed.

Different safety razors have different designs. The design of the safety razor depends upon the design of the handle and razor head. To know the best razor 2022, read a comprehensive article at Barbers Corner.

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Factors to Consider About Best Safety Razor 

If you are shaving for the first time, then the question arises in your mind: which razor do I use? The large variety in the market makes it a challenging task to choose the best safety razor. Keep reading this post to learn about the different factors that should be kept in mind while shopping for the best safety razor.

1. Aggressiveness 

This consideration is significant that the razor is mild and non-aggressive, especially for beginners.  It is defined as the distance between the top and bottom parts of the razor. This also explains the visibility of the blade. If the gap is wider, there is more visibility of the blade and more aggressiveness. Extra care is needed with the aggressive razor.

2. Weight of The Razor

When choosing a razor,  it is important to keep in mind the weight of the razor. With the heavier razor, you will feel safe, and it gives you a steadier hand.  If you are shaving for the first time then select it. 

3. Length of The Razor 

Most of the time, you will find two different lengths of razors in the market, such as 80mm and 100 mm. However, the quality of the shave does not depend upon the length of the razor. The length matters a lot for comfort. Choose the length according to your hand and get ease.

4. Cap Shape 

A slim head shape is good to choose. With it, you can easily reach difficult spots, such as the area under your nose. 

5. Handle Texture

Texture razor allows a good grip in all situations. It also assists you well if you are using shaving oil. 

6. Razor Type 

Most of the time, in the market, you will find the safety razor with:

  • Standard straight comb bar
  • Fixed blade exposure gap

But you can control the amount of exposed blade with the adjustable razor. This type of razor is best for shaving different areas of your body with thick hair. What kind of blade you use decides the performance of the razor. For example, using a mild safety razor with a mild blade is easy. However, a sharp blade mild safety razor is safe to use. If you are shaving on a regular basis, then an aggressive razor with a sharp blade will be good for you. 

7. Head Type 

The safety razor with different types of heads is available in the market. Brief summary about it is given below.

Straight Bar

These heads have a straight safety bar and are mildest. 


These razor heads have a beveled bar surface. It is best for sensitive skin people.

Closed Comb 

It consists of a comb to direct the hair. Those men who have coarse hair can use it.

Open Comb

These heads are different from closed comb regarding the safety bar. They have no safety bar and are very aggressive. So, extra care is needed to use it. Men who have thick bread can consider it. 

Close comb safety razors have many benefits as compared to open comb. Open combs are more aggressive, but this benefit is negligible than a close comb. 

Slant Head 

These heads have slanted safety bars. It will be more efficient to use. 

However, cartridge razors have been designed to lower the risk of cuts as compared to safety razors.

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, this guide helps you a lot in choosing the best safety razor. Remember the various factors mentioned above to buy the right safety razor. One of the factors that also matters a lot is price. We all know that investing in the best razor gives you long-term peace. The price is directly related to the quality of the razor. The best quality razor has a higher price as shave reflects your personality. Enjoy a smooth shave with the proper choice of safety razor.

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