Home Hairstyles for A Perfect Hair Even on Zoom

By | June 13, 2022

Who doesn’t want hair that is always healthy, beautiful, and tidy, even at home? The secret is to choose the right hairstyles, that is suitable for long, medium and short hair that help you keep the hair disciplined. Home hairstyles for a perfect hair even on zoom

Of course, the temptation to give in to the practicality of a high ponytail is very strong, but it is important that hairstyles for staying at home can also protect the health of the hair, avoiding broken lengths or even traction alopecia.

Without forgetting how beneficial it can be to spend time – every day – taking care of yourself and seeing yourself beautiful and well cared for.

With the right home hairstyles, then, you can not only feel comfortable and at ease throughout the day, but also take the opportunity to apply masks and serums that strengthen and restructure the hair.

Curious about the easiest hairstyles to make? Let’s find out!

Homemade hairstyles: the passe-partout braid

For short, long and medium hair braids are truly the perfect home hairstyles. The merit is not only of the practicality of the weaves, but also of the always chic effect of this hairstyle.

If you have very long hair, for example, a French braid is the right ally to avoid unruly locks and avoid pulling the roots too much.

Does Smart working mean for you to be able to train at any time?

In this case, a pair of boxer braids are the right solution to move easily from the computer to fitness, taking advantage of these hairstyles at home also to keep the hair in style.

And if you fear a sudden conference call, opt for a side braid: in this way you will not only keep your hair disciplined, but you will also have a very professional appearance in case you have to appear in front of the webcam.

The messy bun for being comfortable and classy

Among the home hairstyles, the messy bun is certainly the most practical hairstyle you can choose.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that you can easily combine the updo with a nourishing and restructuring mask, ideal for taking care of your hair even while you are at work.

Not to mention that a disheveled chignon is really perfect for creating waves on hair without heat, especially if declined in a double version.

And if the goal is simply to remove the hair from the face, the right solution is a half bun, which definitively frees you from unruly locks without forcing the lengths and risking them breaking.

How to care for African braids

Once made, the African braided hairstyle should also be subjected to careful maintenance.

In doing this, remember to cover the braids with a silk or satin scarf during the night, thus avoiding preventing frizz on them: this is not a “mandatory” advice, but especially in the early days it will help you to keep away the unwelcome frizzy effect.

Secondly, remember that even the braids must be washed (contrary to what someone superficially claims!).

However, our suggestion is not to wash them like other hair, but to wipe them a couple of times a week with a cloth soaked in witch hazel: with this cloth, separate the head into sections and clean both the scalp and the braids, rubbing quickly and gently.

In any case, your head must still be cleaned with normal shampoo: it is important, however, to focus your attention above all on the scalp and, less frequently, also the braids themselves.

The ponytail as a secret weapon for smart working

There is no doubt about which is the most popular hairstyle to stay at home ever: the ponytail is really a guarantee in terms of practicality.

On the other hand, wearing the tail every day could have negative repercussions on the health of the hair.

In fact, “pulling” the roots excessively could – with the passage of time – cause traction alopecia.

This is why it is important to alternate the different hairstyles to stay at home and, perhaps, change the position of the tail, going from a high ponytail to a hairstyle gathered at the nape of the neck.

Much also depends on the elastics used: in order not to stress the lengths, choose scrunchies in fabric or soft ribbons with which to avoid accidentally tearing the hair.

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