How To Get Rid of Dry Skin And Get Your Glow Back

By | March 14, 2022

Winters are gone, but it gifted us dehydrated and dull skin. Spring is now, and summer is here around a corner. Would you like to welcome spring with a flat look? Of course not; it’s time to give a hydration booster to lift your face.

So, does your skin lack hydration and no radiance at all? If you feel low due to your skin, you must be thinking, what is happening? Is it due to the dry weather condition or not? Indeed the winter season cause dryness because we all sit in for the heater 24/7, which rip off your skin moisture. But this crack surface has another cause or just the weather?

Let’s dig straight to main point do you want healthy, vibrant and glowing skin?

In this blog, you will find what causes dull, dry skin? What is dry skin? So what are the tp means to get your moisture level back?

What causes dry and dull skin?

So, before getting into the detail, you need to learn about the skin. Healthy skin is the measure of beauty, and it does not deal with the colours of your skin. All matter is radiance and glows that you have. Do you know skin is your body’s biggest organ? It is the body part that deals with pollution, tackles change in temperature, gets sun exposure, and more. Our body has the mechanics to deal with the extreme cold and warm weather by regulating its thermostat.

One more thing, your skin has the sensuous gland that controls sebum production. You must have seen people complaining about excessive oil. BUT WHY? it is because of overproduction of the sebum because of dry skin. The oily skin is dry and adjusting to the weather.

So, let us find out what causes the skin to appear dry and falt.

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It is a contrast between dehydration and dry skin. Dehydration mena the lack of water level and dryness means insufficient moisture. But in the extended term, both make your skin look cracky, dull and boring. Here is an interesting fact: drinking water leads to healthy, moisturized skin.

Indeed drinking water helps you in this, but what are other means? We wil discuss it later in this blog.

No Moisture

So, here comes another main reason for drying skin, it is skipping your daily moisture dose. For oily and dry skin, you need to apply a moisturizer to seal the skin’s natural moisture. If there is no humidity, it can make your skin look dry and lifeless.


In winter, fireplaces, space heaters, wood-burning stoves, and central healing all reduce the humidity level in the surrounding. This leads to less humidity.

Too much scrubbing and bathing

Who does not enjoy the long shower after hectic days? It takes away your worries and calms your nerves. But are you relaxing your skin in this way? Of course, here is the reason:

  • too hot baths and showers
  • scrubbing your body

Both of them lead to dry skin.

Remember bathing more can remove your skin’s natural oils.


You can’t stop ageing; it is the natural process of the skin, but you can delay by proper skincare. With age, the moisture level in your skin reduces and causes dry kin. Here, dry skin leads to wrinkles, crow feet, fine lines, etc. So all you need is the perfect skincare routine to prevent your skin from over-drying.

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How to rejuvenate your dry skin

Yes, on occasion, you all undergo the skin phase when it looks dry and dull. But if you wake up with pale skin every morning, then you need to worry about it. So, what to do? Indeed various homemade remedies can work till some point, but the results are not as great as you think. It would help if you worked on the cellular level.

Here we gathered the top ways to make your skin look hydrated, glowing and vibrant!

Drink the Serum

The face serum is the food of your skin. It would help if you offered it a suitable serum so that the skin works appropriately at the cellular level. So what are these face serums? These have liquid consistency and consist of a high concentration of components that helps to hydrate, glow and brighten the skin. It is the magic portion that can minimize the sign of ageing and boost the hydration level.

  • Hyaluronic acid: best friend of dry and dull skin
  • Vitamin c: it brightens up your skin and adds a glow
  • Ferulic acid
  • lactic acids 

Add exfoliation to your Routine.

So, if you want to get rid of dry and dull skin layers, then add exfoliation into your skin routine. It is the key to glowing and healthy skin. The layer of dead skin causes your skin to appear flakey, dry and dull and even clogs the pores. So, visit your dermatologist to get your hands on the right exfoliant. You can go for the lactic acid as it is a light and skin-friendly exfoliant available OTC.

Work on collagen growth

Go for the retinol which is the derivative of Vitamin A, and it helps in cell turnover and increases collagen growth. The retinol helps exfoliate the dead skin and bring fresh, new skin. But do not forget to layer your skin with moisturizing and the right SUNBLOCK

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