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By | May 24, 2022

So, you must have heard so much about the Destiny master card. What is this all hype about? Does it really works, and nay beneficial for you? The next query that hits the mind is regarding

This section assures you to cover and clear all your doubts and offer the reader a clear idea about it.

Is it Beneficial to have it?

If you are wondering whether to go for it or not, then let us help you in this decision by offering the Pros and Cons:


  • Credit needs: You would not require a high or notable credit value for this Destiny Mastercard. Those individuals with poor to appropriate credit and also prior bankruptcies might qualify.
  • Prequalification: So Destiny Mastercard permits the users to know whether they are suitable for this card prior to they apply.


  • Annual fee: Does it change anything? The card cost about $59to$99 annually charge.
  • No rewards scheme or introductory reward: With this Destiny Mastercard, you would never have an approach to any rewards scheme or introductory reward.
  • High-interest rates: The cardholder is subject to the 24.90% APR. Indeed it is a higher amount than the other APR of an avg credit card in Unites StatesNews database.

Fees and Rates

  • Issuer Name

Genesis FS Card Services

  • Credit Needed


  • Annual Fee

it is $59-$99

  • APR

it is 24.90%

  • Penalty APR

it is 29.90% and (Fixed)

  • Balance Transfer

the FeeSee Terms

  • Cash Advance Charges

It is $0 for a 1 year, so it is either 5% or 5$ of the part per transaction after the initial year. it is more lavish (not to surpass 100 dollars)

  • Foreign Transaction Cost

One percent/transaction in United States dollars.

Highlights of Destiny Master Card

  • here the favorable thing is that 0 dollar Fraud chances for unauthorized utilize make you feel relax
  • Feeling secure learning pre-qualifying will never affect the credit score.
  • Pick the card pattern that resonates with you.
  • Also, access to the unsecured card – zero security assurance needed.
  • Nationwide approval – use anywhere it is the card that is accepted in the app, in-store, and also online.
  • So, the Pre-qualifying is indeed fast and comfortable and will educate you to comprehend if the user is capable without affecting the credit score.
  • Pre-qualify along with 0 effects on credit score
  • it is the debit card for the everyday needs
  • Reports the payments to 3 major credit units
  • Use the debits card in the app, in-store, and also online – globally wherever this is accepted

The Fees With Destiny Mastercards

  • The annual fee is $59to$99.
  • The cash advance charge is 5% or 5$ of the cash per transaction, that is more (not to surpass 100 dollars).
  • Foreign transaction cost: it is  1% of / transaction in the United States dollars.
  • The late payment price is 40 dollars
  • Return payment cost: around 40 dollars
  • Over-limit price: about  40 dollars

The countless benefits and other points make you look for this card. If you have opted for this then you might be searching for how to

Here are the means to achieve it

Activate Your Master Card:

  • First, if you desire to activate the master card, you require to visit the site page|amp|
  • After that, you must log in to the Secure Server.
  •  Enter your Username and passcode
  •  After this, hit on the Login icon
  •  Enter your debit Card Number
  • And type the Exp Date of your debit card.
  • Now the users ought to enter a CVV/Security Code mentioned on the backside of the card.
  • Finally, click on an Activate icon your debit card has been activated and use it online or any app or in-store.

Are you the First timer?

If you don’t have an account on this handle, make it first and activate the card. For this, hit on the registration option of the density card. There fill the following :

  • Account number

the account number is the same number present on the Density card or the billing statement

  • Date Birth
  •  security number
  • check a blue Next icon
  • Create the Username
  • make yourthepassword
  • Set up the security QNA

Should You Have this Destiny Mastercard?

Of course but if

  • Having poor credit
  •  went via bankruptcy
  •  desire to enhance the creditworthiness.
  • Do not require making balance transfers.
  • never wish to operate the secured card.


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