Learn about how to build a website without code using the Wix platform impressively.

By | April 15, 2022


We suggest Wix for why it is more important. It is a popular website for beginner’s support.

Nowadays most business beginners are consulting the Wix sites. It has very well designs and templates. Predominantly, Wix is no coding platform site. So, build a webpage with creative designs and get a domain.

There are four plans ( upgrade premium plan ) and you preferably select your plan. Digital marketing training in erode. Let’s start with website building or creator in no coding platform. Just explore you to learn about the Wix site.

Wix the website builder:

Let us google search ‘Wix’ and it shows you the web address of the Wix site and then clicks. Set up your Google account and get started. Select create a new site and skip the following steps. Then it shows you to choose the options.

We prefer you to choose the ‘edit a template’ button. You need to pick the blank template ( start from scratch ). Start editing with many attractive tools. It is a no-coding website builder and also gets a free domain.

Get Domain host:

The Wix site they offering four types of yearly plans. And actually, they give free domain for hosting. So, it is your preference to select the plan. Give your domain name to access easily and comfortably for yours. To host your domain paid and visit the view site.

After paying money we want to index your webpage on google. So, we consider google webmaster and We help you to learn about how google webmaster is working. In the next paragraph, We will explain to you in complete detail about the google webmaster and its property verification.

Overview of Google webmaster:

Entering the google webmaster shows you an overview that consists of performance, coverage, experience, and enhancements. URL inspection is the specific tool in google webmaster. The coverage page indicates impressions and details.

Sitemap page includes your add a new site URL. It also shows if you already submitted your sitemap URL status. Removals page that you show temporary removals new request. This is the overview of the webmaster of google ( google webmaster ).

The WebMaster of Google ( google webmaster ):

First, we want a Google account ( mail ID from google ) next, enter the page webmaster of google ( google webmaster ). Get ‘Start Now’ for Google webmaster ( google webmaster ). Now we select the URL prefix and submit our web address, click continue.

Follow and select the HTML tag it appears as meta tag code copy that. For Now, skip that process and return back later. Let’s see how to do site verification. It is the specific step to verify your site.

Site Verification:

Visit the Wix for site verification. Choose your site and click edit. Let us see the main menu ‘Marketing & SEO’. Find out the option ‘SEO tools’ and we consider selecting the option of ‘site verification’. Now analyze the option to click ‘google webmaster expand’.

Enter the page of the google webmaster expand then paste the code of the meta tag and save the process. Above following these steps, you should complete them carefully. It is the main step of site verification and actually, you need to complete verification. Let us see your complete verification in the next paragraph.

Complete Verification:

Again, you want to return back to the webmaster of google ( google webmaster ) and select verify for complete verification. Thus the property verification is done in google webmaster. Afterward, you want to index your website on google. Now, you need to add a sitemap in google webmaster.

We will explain how to add a sitemap on google webmaster and also learn about URL inspection in the next paragraph. Simultaneously, we learn about the sitemap submitting step. Let us see how to submit the sitemap in google webmaster.


Sitemap submitting in google webmaster:

Similarly, you can find ‘sitemaps’ in the main menu of google webmaster then select that. The sitemaps show you to add a new sitemap. You need to enter a sitemap URL For that, you just type ‘sitemap.xml’ and then submit. With the google webmaster, you know how to submit a sitemap. Let us see the steps of URL inspection.


URL inspection in google webmaster:

In google webmaster ‘URL inspection’ is the specific menu. Now type your URL for inspection and click enter. It shows you an overview and also you test the live URL. so you need to study why you are inspecting the URL. After inspection, you can submit a request for indexing.

Simultaneously, test the ‘live URL’ and get information about your property. If you want any support, you can visit the Google webmaster help center.



You know clearly now why we are suggesting the Wix site platform. Above the paragraph, we cover the topic of website building using Wix and its properties. Similarly, We give some advantages of Wix’s specific tools. Simultaneously, We consider google webmaster and its property verification then how to submit a sitemap in google webmaster. URL inspection is also a specific topic for the learn about google webmaster. Following us, we will support you in the study google webmaster. Thank you.

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