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How Much is Oliver Tress’ Net Worth? Discover the Answer Here.



The independent Oliver Bonas brand of lifestyle retailers was started and is now run by successful British businessman Oliver Tress. He is 55 years old right now and was born in May 1967. Tress is Christian and of White ancestry.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Marlborough College in Wiltshire before transferring to Durham University to pursue his interest in anthropology. Talia, Bruno, and Layla are the couple’s three children; Tress is married to Gina Coladangelo. In 1993, he launched Oliver Bonas, which has now expanded to manage 44 outlets around the UK with ambitions to add six more by 2023.


Tress started his firm when his pals insisted that he bring back Chanel-style purses and watches during his visits to his parents in Hong Kong. As he ran out of room in his bag for these products, he began sending them over, and the demand increased. Tress made the decision to set up his first store on London’s Fulham Road for a yearly rent of £9,500.

After establishing his second store on Kensington Church Street, Tress came to the conclusion that he lacked the managerial abilities required to run two stores. Nevertheless, Tress chose to reinvest the money after generating over £1 million in profit to develop a design team, beginning with a part-time fashion designer and a creative buyer. In August, he made his first jewelry designer his employee.

Despite Oliver Bonas’ success, Tress had to overcome several obstacles. He made the inside of his business on Kensington Church Street seem more like a gallery of strange furniture when he first opened it, which turned off customers.

Tress ultimately followed up on his initial shop’s successful design. Tress, on the other hand, found it difficult to lead employees since he was unsure of their responsibilities or how to approach clients. He also struggled with money since he lacked a loan or overdraft option to act as a safety net, which made managing cash flow a continual hassle.

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Social Media

There are several fan profiles in the name of Tress even though he does not have a verified Instagram account. Recently, news of Tress’s wife Gina Coladangelo’s liaison with UK lawmaker Matt Hancock made headlines. Colangelo has worked for Oliver Bonas for the last six months and is also a stakeholder and part-owner of the politician’s company. Oliver Bonas is estimated to be worth $17 million.


Oliver Tress is a prominent British businessman who started and still heads the Oliver Bonas brand of lifestyle businesses. His friends were requesting him to bring back watches and Chanel-style purses during his visits to his parents in Hong Kong, so he decided to establish the company.

Despite difficulties, such as having trouble managing employees and having money worries, Tress expanded his company to manage 44 outlets around the UK. Tress has several fan accounts despite not having a verified Instagram account. In addition, news of Gina Coladangelo’s liaison with UK lawmaker Matt Hancock brought attention to Tress’s wife.

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