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Small cars in Uk 2023.

Small cars in Uk 2022.

The compact cars industry is one of the most competitive, which is fantastic news if you’re looking for this vehicle. It implies that there is a lot of variety available for you in the small car market with exceptional standards.

A ride has to be as comfortable on the long routes as it feels on the inner city drives. It must have proper facilities, enough boot room for weekly shopping runs, and an interior that is functional enough to meet the needs of families. And, of course, it must be reasonably priced.

We’ve assembled a list of our top ten Small cars to help you in your hunt for the perfect ride.

10. Hyundai i10

The i10’s compact proportions and excellent visibility make it ideal for city driving. Still, it doesn’t feel out of place on quicker highways due to a 1.2-liter petrol engine that provides enough power for stress-free journeys.

Ride comfort is also excellent at all speeds, even compared to many larger vehicles. The i10, on the other hand, is quite expensive for such a small car.

9. Toyota Yaris

Our True MPG test demonstrates that the new Yaris hybrid has a surprising capacity to sip fuel gently. In town, it achieved 80mpg, nearly doubling the economy of conventionally powered compact hatchbacks.

It should also be highly dependable and retain its worth effectively. Remember that the ride is harsh, and the back seats are cramped.

8. Audi A1

The A1, now in its second generation, provides a pleasurable driving experience and comfortably seats two adults in the back. There’s also a large boot, which addresses one of the original model’s flaws.

However, while there are some lovely details, the inside does not feel considerably classier than the cheaper Volkswagen Polo, which is why Audi’s smallest car does not rank higher on this list.

7. Ford Fiesta

While dozens of tiny cars feel remarkably grown-up, none beats the Fiesta. It’s awe-inspiring in sporty ST-Line Edition trim, which adds stronger springs to help the car stay more composed through turns while having little effect on ride comfort.

6. Seat Ibiza

The Ibiza is almost as fun to drive as the Fiesta, and it’s more capacious and should maintain its value better. Even the 94bhp 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine pulls swiftly from low rpm.

5. Peogeut 208

If you want a sharp-handling little car, there are better and less expensive options, such as the Fiesta and Ibiza. However, suppose a rich interior, a smooth ride, quiet cruising characteristics, and adequate interior room are essential factors in your purchase decision. In that case, the 208 may be the vehicle for you.

4. Volkswagon Polo

The newest Polo is available with a wide selection of engines and trim levels, ensuring that there is something in the range for everyone. It also boasts a stylish interior that is well-equipped even in the base Life trim.

Previously, the Polo had lost out to Ibiza because it couldn’t justify the extra cost, but amazing offers have changed that.

3. Dacia Sandero

The Sandero is comfy, well-equipped (at least in our preferred Comfort trim), and spacious, so it’s worth considering even if it costs the same as its competitors. Except it doesn’t; it’s the cheapest new automobile in the UK.

Just keep in mind that there are quieter and safer little cars available if you’re willing to spend (a lot) more.

2. Skodia Fabia

While not as inexpensive as the Sandero, the new Fabia is reasonably priced. It’s also more spacious, comfier, and significantly safer. So, if you can afford it, it’s worth the extra money. To be candid, we will give you a list of some of the best and not so good features of this car.


  • Massive boot
  • The interior space is generous, and there are several innovative features.
  • The ride is relatively soft.


  • The inside is far from luxurious.
  • Not as valuable as the Honda Jazz’s infotainment system, which is prone to bugs.

1.      Honda Jazz

The Jazz’s spaciousness and seating flexibility put other tiny cars to shame, but it’s more than simply a box on wheels; it’s wonderful even when practicality is removed. Its hybrid powertrain, for example, provides high performance while also providing excellent real-world fuel economy. In fact, the Jazz is the best little car on the market right now.

Some of the upselling and down-selling features of this car are,


  • Very spacious, with a lot of seating options.
  • a variety of standard equipment
  • The devaluation is gradual.

It also has some downsides.

  • By small car standards, it’s pricey.
  • Not the quietest cruiser.
  • The infotainment system is disappointing.
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