The Ultimate Luxury Car Brands In India

By | July 19, 2022

Luxury Car Brands In India

The rich and wealthy often use luxury car brands in india as status symbols. In accordance with this trend, car manufacturers started releasing premium models. Those models turned their marques into luxury brands and moved them to higher echelons of society. The most expensive car in the world will most likely be from brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Jaguar.

There are also sports luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Bugatti. These have amazing top speeds, sublime comfort and advanced safety features.

Let’s take a closer look at luxury car brands in India and see what makes them so special.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz tops the list of luxury brands in India and is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world. Not many brands can match the refinement, exclusivity, high-quality and ultra-luxury offerings of Mercedes Benz.

Their tagline is the ultimate driving experience. This is provided by modern technology, advanced features and designs that never fail to impress customers. The line-up of models includes compact, premium sedans to SUVs and top-of-the-line cars such as the G-Class and S-Class.

The sub-brand Maybach offers the ultimate luxury vehicles that are super expensive and provide comfort, luxury and features you would not get on a regular Mercedes Benz car.


BMW is a direct competitor to Mercedes Benz and specializes in luxury cars, sedans and SUVs as well as race-bred models with their M-Sport line of cars.

The BMW 7-Series is similar to the Mercedes Benz S-Class and is the ultimate luxury offering by the company. BMW pioneered advanced features like laser LED technology for decades on their cars, incorporating technology never seen before by other brands.

BMW is one of the largest producers of automobiles in the world and cars like the M5 and M760i have many fans due to their sporty engines and ultra-luxurious interiors outpacing their rivals in competition.


Audi is a luxury brand from Germany offering luxury sedans like the A3, A4, A5, A6, and A8 (competitor to the S-Class and 7-Series) as well as SUVs like the Q8 which is their flagship luxury SUV.

It also gives its customers the option of customising their cars, choosing different sports packages with more powerful engines or interiors with specific materials that make them even more comfortable and refined.

BMW and Mercedes Benz are Audi’s direct competitors and the brand is a strong contender in the luxury segment. 


The luxury brand from the United Kingdom has been trying its best to catch up with the competition in the past few years. No doubt, their offerings are at a premium level and Jaguar cars have ample luxury.

Jaguar’s innovations are predictive touchscreens and air purifiers, technology that keeps fans interested in the brand. The Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV has received cult status due to its sustainable tech and futuristic design. Jaguar has been a trendsetter since the days of its inception. The Jaguar XJ is a legend of the 90s in the ultra-premium segment.


Porsche is another luxury brand from Germany based in Stuttgart. The brand has been known for producing sports coupes and racing vehicles however today it is seen as a luxury brand that offers unparalleled performance from its cars.

Porsche goes up against the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, some of the most renowned sports cars in the world. But customers of Porsche expect a certain amount of luxury that other car manufacturers just can’t compete with.

The Porsche 911 is a legendary sports car from its stable. While the Panamera caters to the family sedan segment while still retaining the sports heritage of the brand. With the Porsche Taycan, they have forayed into the electric vehicle segment. It is poised to lead the way for the future of the brand.


The premium and luxury car brands have come a long way in terms of offerings, features and treating car owners like royalty. Luxury brands have set up operations in India catering to the Indian luxury. Car buyer with reasonably priced cars that are assembled locally instead of being imported as completely built units (CBUs).

Brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are a few of the brands that are vying for the top spot in the Indian luxury car segment. And India is poised to see many more entrants so that the car buyer has a wide range of models and options to choose from.

Luxury cars are now the definitive real estate to show off wealth, status and exclusivity.

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