Home Health And Fitness what is an airfood recipe? top ten airfood recipe

what is an airfood recipe? top ten airfood recipe

what is an airfood recipe top ten airfood recipe

Are you a big foodie? If so, then you must have put on notable wight? If you desire to lose weight, do you require cutting on the food? Of course not; your body needs calories but in a proper amount. Do you know you can enjoy the low calories diet? But how is it even possible in today’s life where you have a variety of delicious foods like french fries, rice cakes, and whatnot?

We have the solution to the answer, which is the Airfood recipe? Most of the readers are not unaware of it.

So let us find out what the AirFood is?

It is the term that means food with low calories. Do you know what the main element of such food is? It fulfils your stomach and gives little nutrition. think popcorns, rice cakes, and diet beverages as celery sticks. So no need to worry.

Speciality with their food items has made their mark and name in the food sector. Also, there is a notable highlight of how helpful this item could backfire.

What are the advantages of such food items?

The one benefit of adding these edible to your food menu is that if anyone is starving and unable to deal with hunger, it might fit and yield.

Top Ten Airfood recipe

1.     Popcorns

So, it is the best rescue of air food, and that is quick to cook by following simple steps:

  • Add about 2tbsp of vegetable oil that you are using and place it on the medium to low flame
  • put 1 cup of kernel cons
  • now mix it cover the lid for about 5 min
  • wait until you hear the sound of popping, and then remove the cover
  • transfer the corns n the bowl and enjoy

2.     Celery Juice

  • Separate your celery sticks and then wash them well
  • After that, Chopped the stick, add a small portion of green apple and cut a half lemon
  • Put the elements in your mixer and mix them well. After that, Strain the healthy juice. Pour it into the jug.

Enjoy this healthy and delicious juice with low calories!

3.     Rice Cake

Are you fond of cake but not having it because of its high calories? Oh, forget about the number of calories because we have the most delicious cake for you that is also part of airfood, the Rice cake:

For this, take a large bowl, and mill all the ingredients bowl

after that, incorporate butter as pr need and mix it generously with a spatula.

  • Measure the rice and pour it onto the pan
  • now. Pressing it with the spatula helps.
  • cook the entire thing for about three to four mins
  • once it turns golden, enjoy the cake

4.     Carrots

DO you know carrots consist of a portion of beta-carotene? The body changes beta-carotene into VITA. It is the vitamin your yes requires to use in dark and light.

Carrots occasionally understood as carrots are accessible in a combination of shades other than just orange. They are accessible in purple, nearly black and white.

5.     Grapefruit:

So, it is the fruit that consists of citrus and vitamin c. People love it for its tangy flavours. You can relish it by creating a salad or combo with yoghurt. You can also serve it with baked fish to add a little tanginess. It is best for people who are on diet food and want to promote quality health to the heart and brain.

6.     Roasted Vegs


  • the Squash
  • Mushrooms
  • broccoli
  • Red onion
  • Vegetables must be chopped into the quarter-inch thick.

At 390°Farhenhiet, air fry it for about 8 min. Halfway through, shake or flip.

7.     Iceberg

It is high water content edible item. People use them in salad and layer burgers and sandwiches with them. You can enjoy it with lemon as a salad.

8.     Onion Salad

So here, the onion comes under the heading of air food which offers numerous benefits to you. Use them in making a salad with icebergs and lemons.

9.     Veg Pie

It is also the air food, and you can make it by:

  • get a large pot, put all components like (garlic, onion and turkey and then steam it for 8 eight min on low to medium flame
  • Now cut the veg that you desire to add. Also, ass tomato paste. After that, cover the pot with a lid for 1 min.
  • After this, incorporate sweet potatoes, salt, smoked paprika, and pepper

10. French Fries or Air Fries

So sue the air fryer put on a tablespoon of oil and make the low calories fries for a quick snack.


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