What is Aws Used For?

By | March 26, 2022


Amazon Web Services or AWS is an extremely efficient online platform that hosts an enormous portion of the internet’s core infrastructure. if you’re just beginning to learn about AWS, AWS can do almost everything you need on the internet. Here are some of the Uses of Amazon Web Services that are available through AWS for even mid-sized or small companies can benefit from.

1. Sending Transactional Emails

Servers can do what they’re told to do, however, using a web-based server for managing emails isn’t the most efficient option. If your business utilizes an email provider provided by a third party such as Gmail or Outlook.com you can control the accounts for your staff’s email. Are you thinking of sending many emails from your site? If you’re planning to run an online company that is targeted towards customers and will be sending emails to hundreds or thousands of users, sending emails to your website server will not be a good idea. Even if capable of getting the emails out, major email providers like Google and Yahoo might treat your emails as spam.

2. If A Computer Can do it, So Can AWS

Amazon Web Services will be becoming a company worth $10 billion on its own and is the majority of Amazon’s revenue. It has achieved this level because of its capability to fulfill almost every requirement for computing of a company into the cloud. I use AWS to manage my own freelance company. Also, multibillion-dollar businesses and about 1 million customers.

3. Adding CDN

A CDN often referred to as a content delivery network, carries the web’s content via a central server embedded web that is made up of “edge servers” closer to where users are. This allows the traffic on the internet to be more equally distributed, as well as speed up load time and improve the overall experience for the end-user.

4. Serving Large Files

The most obvious and simple application that can be constructed from Amazon AWS is utilizing S3 which stands for Simple Storage Service. Using Amazon Web Services allows users to upload large files onto the internet, or share smaller files with a vast number of users. The transfer of huge amounts of information through the internet can be expensive, and depending on the server you use for your business and the type of server you use, you could find yourself in short order running out of resources or even being shut down by your hosting provider.

5. Hosting An App or Website

Web servers can be used for hosting web pages. They can also host various applications or even the basis of an application. However, AWS gives AWS the capability of managing any kind of thing without worrying about over-utilizing the limits of your resources. Before you take this path be sure to make sure to research the cost since AWS could be an expensive option for hosting websites.


If you’re looking to address the problem in establishing a tech infrastructure, do not ignore the capability as well as the affordability and versatility of Using AWS. Its capability to solve a variety of commonly faced business issues might be inspiring to you.

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