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Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau
Elizabeth Huberdeau

On September 28, 1979, Elizabeth Huberdeau was born. She is a wonderful mother, an incredible friend, and an amazing businesswoman. Whether it’s for her family, friends, or community, she is always there for them.

Everything she owns is the result of her hard work, including her home and business. Internationally known as Liz Cena. Liz Cena became a social media sensation after her marriage to John Cena. On Instagram, John Cena ranked as the most followed WWE superstar.

Moreover, he is renowned as an excellent wrestler. Interested in knowing where Elizabeth Huberdeau is now? Read on till you find out how it ends.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

The public is unaware of Elizabeth’s profession, but her career appears to be going well. Her net worth and source of income seem to be of interest to people since she was married to one of the most popular and wealthiest wrestlers.

Elizabeth Huberdeau is considered the richest Real Estate Agent. She earns a pretty decent salary. During her career/work as a Real Estate Agent, she has earned a net worth of $10 million. She ranks among the highest-paid personalities in the world. The net worth of her work/career as an agent ranges from $10 million to $15 million. Her money also increased when John divorced her. Her divorce settlement from John was around 55 million dollars.

Throughout her professional life, she depended on the income she earned as a real estate agent.

Elizabeth Huberdeau siblings

The only sibling she has is one brother named Adam Huberdeau. Her sister-in-law is Devon Huberdeau.  Adam Huberdeau is a married young man with one child.

The brother of Elizabeth works for Feeny Brothers Utility Service in Grooveland Fire Department. Elizabeth lost her father in 2015, at the age of 76, which was a major loss in her life.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Age

By the end of 2022, Elizabeth Huberdeau will turn 43 years old, having been born on September 28, 1979. She has the zodiac sign of the libra and is of American ethnicity.

Elizabeth Huberdeau husband

April 23 is the birthday of John Felix Anthony Cena in West Newbury, Massachusetts, in 1977. He is half Italian, a half French Canadian, and his grandfather is Tony Lupien, a baseball player.

He played football in college. His next occupation was bodybuilding and driving limousines. He is a WWE superstar who stands 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs exactly 240 pounds.

He was born the second eldest to five brothers and is regarded as a family man off the mat. The wrestlers he is close to are his best friends.

Furthermore, he appeared in a film named 12 Rounds, a WWE Films production. In 2007, John suffered an injury that halted movie production.

John Cena’s ex-wife

Elizabeth Huberdeau was the first wife of John Felix Anthony Cena, Jr.  Libra, her zodiac sign. She is living a normal life. She has one sibling. Playing with friends at school and home was a golden period of her childhood. A nickname for her is Liz Cena.

Her father passed away in 2015 when he was nearly 76 years old. She was shocked by this heartbreaking news. As far as religion is concerned, she follows Christianity. She always wanted to be a model and has always considered it her greatest ambition in life.

Prior to her tie-up with John Cena, she worked on some modeling projects. She was featured in a variety of regional advertisements and publications. However, she wasn’t successful in grabbing the attention as a successful model. It was difficult for Elizabeth to get herself noticed in the modeling industry despite being attractive and tall enough.

She began working in Florida as a real estate agent and devoted much of her time to the profession. Elizabeth Huberdeau studied in Groveland, Massachusetts, her hometown. She received her graduate degree from American University. After that graduating from Springfield College, she earned her bachelor’s degree with high honors. Her current residence is in Tampa, Florida.

After tying the knot with John Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau first came to public attention. However, the love relationship of the couple did not succeed, and the couple ended up apart. Within three years of their wedding, they separated.

Divorce from John Cena

Marriage was not a long-lasting relationship for them. During the third year of their marriage, the two decided to split up. Moreover, it was rumored that they divorced for personal reasons. A divorce was filed by John, her husband, in May 2012, and it was finalized in July 2012.

As far as Elizabeth is concerned, she was not informed about the divorce filing or acknowledgement. She may have suspected that John had affairs, according to some speculations. Apparently, a couple of issues between the two developed because of their differing opinions on remodelling their houses out of the same period.

John was not prepared to become a parent, so they did not have any offspring of their own. In short, it was time for Elizabeth and John to go their separate ways.


During high school, the couple Elizabeth and John met each other. As childhood friends, they were very close and eventually became good friends, leading to a relationship in high school. As time progressed, they thought of getting married to start a family.

In his film’s ’12 rounds promotion,’ John announced that he was getting married to Elizabeth. Their wedding took place on July 11, 2009, in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth was affectionately called “Liz Cena” by John, which became her nickname. It was a wonderful marriage for John and Liz Cena.

Real Estate business

As a former model, she now works as a real estate agent and has been running her business in a professional and organized way ever since she started it. The real estate business ranks among the wealthiest businesses in the world.

Real estate agents are the people who assist in property sales and purchases. Over 26 years ago, she started this business. Later, she decided to start her own company in Florida and now lives in Florida to run her business. In her Real Estate Business, Elizabeth Huberdeau constructs, trades, buys and renovates commercial and residential property.

Wrapping up

Elizabeth Huberdeau has gained fame since she married a famous star, and people keep up to date on her most minor details. Her life is full of happiness, even though people are sad about the couple’s split.

The couple spent a lot of time exploring new places together, making them known as an adventurous couple. But their relationship ended badly. Moreover, she is recognized as an independent and brave woman with the ability to confront obstacles throughout her life.

Above all after separating from her ex-husband, she embarked on a new and different life. She is even more impressive for this reason.

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