Work From Home : 5 Best Online Tools for Teamwork

By | April 11, 2022

Work from home has become very common after the pandemic (Covid-19) situation as many outdoor businesses get seized. Due to the worst circumstances and globally spreading variant, many trading industries are hit by a significant loss and financial crisis. Online platforms play a pivotal role in compensating for the pandemic loss in this burning situation.

So, considering the situation, other issues where the work from home becomes the need of the time many businesses are switching to the remote work:

  •  Either of a current problem
  •   By choice.

So whatever is the reason, the company must keep tier work in progress and make the most out of the time.

Companies that have extraordinary experiences in managing remote teams might have some knowledge about the tech that supports making remote work smooth.

If it is a new thing for you, it is never easy to manage the work. You must be looking for the tools that make the work from home easy and comfortable.

If your team or you are working from home, learning about the top tool for remote work is essential.

Are there any online tools for Team Work?

Many online tools and platforms support the teamwork required to run industries. Zoom app, cloud meeting, and many other online tools help us wind up the pending and in-process work or projects.

Calling a meeting online with multiple people on a singles task or project is very easy now. It will help people share their files to edit a single project simultaneously.

What qualities does the online tool for teamwork have?

Before going into the detail, it is necessary to understand the characteristic of the best online team tool for working from home.

  • Accessibility
  • Easy to use
  • affordable
  • Effective

Following are the top 5 tools that possess all the characteristics:

1.      Management tool: Proof Hub:

If you want to run the multiple project ns remote team without any mess, get your hands on Poof Hub. It has the ability to:

  • manage numerous projects simultaneously
  • manage a team of any size
  • any sector can use it

Whether you like to manage project tasks, keep the work hut track, r make project reports, it can aid you with any work management activity.

Moreover, Proof Hub also blends several Collab’s tools for remote work like built-in chat

  •  file storage & sharing
  •  markup app for document proofreading.
  • More

These features help the report users to guarantee that their work pays off.

2.      Management tool: Wrike

It is also the project management tool that remote workers can utilize to facilitate the methods within the project. Moreover, Wrike’s minimalist layout makes it suitable for you to use and search its functions. This tool has also come with collaborative tools that the team can utilize to leave a mark on the images and leave a response. It always permits manners and remote workers to remain in a loop about all the activities and tasks of the new project.

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3.      Meeting tool: Zoom

It is a famous and most renowned tool, and you must have heard about it in COVID 19 pandemics. Working online or taking classes remotely, working and meeting in person is never possible, but video meeting makes the conversation face to face and easy. So Zoom is the best tool for the work from the home meeting.

Zoom is suitable for:

  • when you want to screen share
  • to record and schedule meeting
  • To conduct meeting events and webinars
  • Also, for working with a remote client, team members, stakeholders, etc., meetings.
  • Arraign remote training sessions and conducting interviews.
  • For audio conferencing and video conferencing with your co-workers.

4.      Team Messaging Application: Slack

Collabs begin with proper communication among employees. Multiple purpose-built apps are there to aid communication amongst teams, whether they all are working from a different location or the same.

Slack is an excellent communications app for all sizes of the team:

  • house
  • remote

It lets teams link with colleagues via quick messages and video calls and create separate non-work-related media to socialize.

Slack is best for:

  • It replaces phone calls, text messages and emails when you desire to connect with the team.
  • To save vital info, links, resources, etc. kept in the chat history. So, you can instantly find them with the right search option.
  • Also, set various reminders for your team and yourself for vital events.
  • To connect with the team over video or audio call.
  • It also builds fun spaces for co-workers to link over non-work-related things.
  • Also, to solve issues, notify other individuals, brainstorm about concepts and share assignment/ project updates.
  • It is used to share employee availability status during working hours

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5.      File and Documents Collaboration tools: Goggle Drive/ Goggle Docs

Google Drive and Google Docs are best:

When to use:

  • Pen down notes
  • To generate views collaboratively during the online brainstorming period.
  • To cooperate in real-time for editing
  • Track advancement of the file with a performance history
  • To share essential documents with co-workers, stakeholders or clients
  • Deliver instant reviews on file or make recommendations for changes

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